Monochrome Madness June 9, 2015 – Monkey House

Okay, it’s really the Primate House at the St. Louis Zoo but I don’t say things like let’s go to the zoo and look at the primates.  I’ve always called it the monkey house.  This is the detail above the door to the house.  There are similar pieces of architecture/sculpture above the doors to the bird house and the reptile house.

I chose orange as the color for this monochrome conversion because it brought out the details in the photo better (especially the “monkey seal” in the center) than greyscale, black & white and other colors I tried.

The Monkey House


This photo is also from the St. Louis Zoo.  It is a large sculpture on the outside of the Zoo near the Hampton Ave entrance to the Zoo.  This photo shows the backside of the sculpture, much of it hidden by a chain link fence covered with vegetation.  You should be able to see three birds in the top center portion of the picture and a crocodile snapping up at them from their lower left.


Hopefully in another week or two I’ll stop this Monochrome Madness stuff and return to my regular posts.  I’ve just got to get out and take more pictures.

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  1. Thank you for commenting Debra and don’t worry; It’s not like all of us haven’t done that before. What I hate (and unfortunately it’s not a rare occasion) is when I see typo or something the exact same moment I click Post Comment or hit enter.


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