Monochrome Madness May 19, 2015 – St. Louis

The city of St. Louis had a significant early French influence and was named in honor of King Louis IX of France.  The statue below is a landmark located at the top of Art Hill in front of the city’s art museum.  Louis IX died in 1227 and was canonized in 1297.  By all accounts St. Louis appears to have been a very good king.  Among other things St. Louis is noted for defeating Henry III of  England who tried to take retake his French lands.  Additionally, Louis was active in the seventh and eighth crusades.  One would think that with that much military skill and experience Louis would have learned how to properly hold a sword.

St. Louis


The photo below was not part of Monochrome Madness but it also depicts a St. Louis landmark, one not as well known as others.  This is the Linnean House at the Missouri Botanical Garden.  It was built in 1882 and it is the oldest continuously operated greenhouse west of the Mississippi River.  The Linnean House is named in honor of Carl Linnaeus, the “father of taxonomy”.   Busts of Thomas Nuttall  and Asa Gray flank the center bust of Carl Linnaeus.  I take a picture of the house almost every time I visit the garden because then sensor and lenses on my Nikon D7100 seem to love to  pick out all the detail in the bricks and other aspects of the structure.


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