Monochrome Madness May 12, 2015 – “… So Go Downtown Where All the Lights Are Bright, Downtown …”

“… So go downtown

Where all the lights are bright, downtown …” *


Below was not part of Monochrome Madness.  I like this photo but I just don’t know what to say about it.  I don’t know if they know each other, but I know they have been together for at least a year.  I doubt if during that time they have ever said a word to each other.  Despite the bravado of his bow tie and sports coat, I don’t think he has ever had the nerve to turn his head and look at her.  Maybe he is scared off by the symbolism about her; dressed in all white standing next to the Virgin Mary.  He kind of has that dumb “deer in the headlights” look that Justin Bieber sports while she’s looking like a smirking June Cleaver.  Lots of questions here, but no answers.


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10 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness May 12, 2015 – “… So Go Downtown Where All the Lights Are Bright, Downtown …”

    • Thank you Donna. Black and white photography, or conversions, is really all about the tones. I’d like to take credit and say this turned out exactly as planned, but some luck was involved.


  1. I like both, but I feel engaged by the second one. Reminds me of my childhood, in a way. Also reminds me of some of the astonishingly revealing social statement photographs of storefronts by Vivian Maier.


    • MK, I apologize for the late response. In addition to being very busy trying to downsize 28 years of accumulation in a 2,700 square foot house to 1,100 square feet, I also ended up going to the emergency room about an hour before we were supposed to close on our new house. I saw your comment earlier (after I got back from my adventure) and meant to get back to it but got lost in all the hetic activity. That’s the best excuse I can come up with and I’m sticking with it. I’m glad you had a personal response to the second photo. I’ve seen some V. Maier photos but not aware of the storefronts you mentioned. I will look them up.

      P.S. After 24 hours of observation I am back to normal … at least for me.

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      • Hi David,

        It’s my turn to apologize for the late reply. No excuse other than continuing to try to settle in.

        I’m so sorry to hear about your health scare, but glad that you’re okay. I am wondering if your own move precipitated the event. Such a big change is both physically exhausting and extremely stressful. I am still not back to normal. I have taken a few pictures around the new yard, but I’m underwhelmed with the results of my efforts. I think I need another nap!

        I hope you recover soon, and am thinking of you.

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