It Was a Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood

Sunday February 8 was an unusually warm sunny day in St. Louis with a high temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Similar to everyone else in St. Louis, my wife and I decided it would be a good day for the zoo. In the Midwest one takes advantage of these types of winter days when one can. The following Sunday had a high of 20F with 11F for a low.

I’m always afraid to show zoo animals because the photos can be very boring.  Hopefully you will enjoy these.

The very first thing I noticed when walking in was a Canada goose trying to take off from the small lake. For some reason it gave up and stopped.  Not a “zoo animal”, just part of the ambiance.


I guess the black swan had never seen anything quite like this before as she was intently following the goose’s effort with a supportive wing lift of her own.


Prairie dogs might be considered cute but, like most rodents, they don’t hold my interest too long.


Another not a “zoo animal” but a nice pop of color in drab prairie dog land.


I just wish there was a person standing next to the gorilla (as point of reference) so you could an idea of the size and implied power of this magnificent animal.  His forearms are as big as or bigger than my thighs!


“In the jungle the mighty jungle … ” the tiger sleeps today.


The King of the Beast. What more can be said?


That is a powerful stare. I remember as a little kid getting a stare similar to that from my mom over an incident involving a sling shot.


During the past 10 years or so the St. Louis Zoo has been doing a lot of nice upgrades to the zoo.  These upgrades are for both the animals and the visitors.  For example the elephant, rhino, hyena and other African animals (except big cats and apes) have been put in a new area with vastly expanded room, especially for the elephants. A lot of vegetation has been planted in the animal areas and the areas have been landscaped with large boulders and very large fallen tree trunks.  The tree trunks though are Disney props as are some of the boulders.  That is, they are man made.  Very realistic, but man made.  This is a close up example of a man made rock wall at the far end of the elephant area.

In case you couldn’t tell, the lizard is fake also.


Saw these in a tree across from the lion’s area.  I’m surprised they have made it through the winter so far is such relatively good shape.  Maybe if you just add water they’ll plump back up to normal.


“All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.  This is my good side.”


This strange looking animal is an okapi. It is half zebra, half giraffe, and half hyena.


“Uuugh, I think I’m going to be sick. Those weren’t grapes. Get that damn ibis bird out of here!”


It never ceases to amaze me how many times I’ve see an insect, amphibian, or mammal where the creature has hurt its front legs or paws and has to rely on its fellow creature to help it about. And there always seems to be one willing to help.  I don’t know, maybe I’m over anthropomorphizing the situation. (Those of you who use British spellings please feel free to read the word anthropomorphizing with the letter s.)


“He, he, he  ‘… hurt its front legs …’,  you make me laugh.  Are you really that naïve.”


“Watch where you walk Bill, Stinky Steve has been through here ahead of us.”


“I want my money back! That mud bath did nothing to minimize my wrinkles, not even the fine lines around my eyes.”


I hope no one minds but I just couldn’t see wasting color film on this shot.


Thank you for visiting.



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