I Can’t Believe I Did That

On a weekend in mid March I made two big mistakes with regard to my photography. They were two completely different mistakes and neither had anything to do with camera settings or actually taking the pictures. And neither had anything to do with the fact that I find my Nikon D7100 to be very complicated.

Mistake Number #1


Every year the Missouri Botanical Garden has an orchid show during the months of February and March. I’ve been to the show the past three or four years and last year was the first time I took photos. Not having a macro lens at the time I used my 24-85mm zoom lens which is equivalent to 36-128mm on my Nikon D7100. I can get as close as 1.25 ft. (0.38m) with the lens. So I didn’t get any true macro shots last year, just close-ups and some with heavy cropping. Not terrible, but still not macro.


It came time to go to the garden and at the last minute I luckily remembered I needed to change out the 35mm lens on the camera with my macro. I quickly changed the lens, put the camera in the small carry bag and headed to the garden. Once parked at the garden I took the camera out of the bag and put it over my neck and one shoulder.


That’s when I realized I hadn’t put the macro lens on the camera, instead I had attached the 24-85mm zoom. Deep breaths…let it go (smashing the car window won’t change anything)…go take your pictures.  Oh, and slow down and pay attention to what you’re doing!

 Lesson Learned

Ferris Bueller once said something about life moving pretty fast and missed opportunities. Well, I was moving too fast so I missed the opportunity for true macro shots again this year, just close-ups and some with heavy cropping. Not terrible, but still not macro.

I don’t know…maybe if you lean in real close to your monitor you can kind of pretend they’re macros?


The Non-Macros:






Okay, I have uncharacteristically not made a single comment about any of the six preceding photos.  I HAVE TO say something about this one.  To me it looks like a honker of a nose with you know what trying to escape from each nostril.  Go ahead and accuse me of pandering to my middle school readers, but I’ll bet I didn’t say anything that many of you were thinking.


I will be posting information about mistake #2 and its consequences soon.  I can only expose the raw nerves of my humiliating mistakes in small doses.

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8 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe I Did That

    • Thank you Maverick. I just think they might have been better with the macro lens. There’s always next year’s show plus the hundreds of flowers in the garden to practice on this spring, summer, and fall.


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