“Oh, The Night Life …”

I like macro photography; I like it a lot. It’s not my favorite type of photography, but it is one of my favorites.  (I’m not sure I have a single, most favorite type.) Another one of my favorite types of photography is night photography. I divide my night photography into two types: Night Lights, and Night Scenes. For an example of the former see my Night Lights post.

The thing I like about night photography is that it puts the emphasis on what photography is all about: light.

This series of night scenes was taken at the 2014 Webster Groves, Lions Club Carnival, an annual fourth of July event held just three blocks from my house.

I’m headed with camera to the midway in the scene below.  Oh yeah, in addition to some photos I’m looking for kettle corn too.


The next two photos remind me of some of the genre paintings of Pieter Brueghel the Elder, a 16th century Dutch Renaissance painter.  Just ordinary people interacting in a crowd scene.


It looks much lighter in this photo than it actually was.  I was so impressed with how much I was able to lighten it that I just left it light.


I guess getting night light photos at a carnival is kind of like shooting fish in a barrel.  Note the round contraption on the left with the American flags on top.  I have a photo of it next.


This thing is called Nemesis 360.  It spins around 360 degrees and puts you upside down at the apex which is as high as the Ferris wheel (not shown).

This not the Ferris wheel, just a kiddie version.


Thanks for stopping by.


P.S.  If you were wondering about this post’s title, it’s part of the lyrics from Willie Nelson’s Night Life. Ray Price had a hit with it while Frank Sinatra, B.B. King, and Aretha Franklin, among others, did recordings of it.


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