Fun With Words and Photos

Dude! That is totally gnarly.


A dozen berries.


Two berries.


Two berries too, but different than the first two.


Berries too but more than two, and more different than the two in the above, and the two above the last two.


An extraordinarily rare shot of a rose with the shadow of the Grinch’s right hand during high tea.


The only thing that I can reasonably assume accounts for the nature of the disfigurement on this leaf is that an extremely minute meteoroid, composed wholly of kryptonite, struck a glancing blow on the leaf; ending the meteoroid’s light-years long journey that began with the explosion of Krypton. Feel free to argue among yourselves about other possibilities, but I’m sticking with what the evidence tells me.


Happy Almost End of February!



8 thoughts on “Fun With Words and Photos

  1. Very nice work David. I love the Nikon D7000 even though I have the new D750. I still use it for most of my blog photos because of the sensor size. Big lenses go much further…


    • Thank you Donna. When I was looking at DSLRs the only remotely affordable FX for me was the D600 and it was having all those dirt and oil problems. I’m glad now that I didn’t go that way since I really don’t use what I have to anywhere near its max potential. I’m hoping that in the not to distant future I be able to get a Nikkor 300mm which will equate to a 400mm. That should allow me to do more nature photography without all the cropping I have to do now.


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