Last of the Insects

We’re up to October 20, 2014 in my chronology of photos and these are the last of my insect photos taken in 2014.

Green metallic bees. 



This is a spotted cucumber beetle.  Two summers ago I managed to get an interesting series of photos of a couple of these beetles and a crab spider in the blossom of a yellow knock out rose.  I’ll hunt them up and see if I took the photos with my D7100 and if so share them in a post.


Bumble bee.


 Same bumble bee; different angle.


On this same day I also managed to get some non-insect photos that I liked.

When I look at this open seed pod I see some sort of creature with its head cocked to the side.  The top middle pod is his long forehead, the two pods flanking the forehead are a combination of eyes, ears, and cheeks, and the bottom pod is the mouth area.  Ridges in the pods all meet at the nose area.


If this doesn’t say fall then nothing does.


A new and different mushroom to add to my mushroom photos collection.


Leaf on lamb’s ear.  It’s hard to see it in this reduced resolution but with the original high res file the upper part of the leaf has a nice thick leathery look to it.





2 thoughts on “Last of the Insects

  1. It is hard leaving fall behind. So much to see and lots of color. Your macro shots are wonderful and nice to see while we have many feet of snow. I know those bees are snug in the ground at least.


  2. Thank you Donna. Yes I’m sure the fall shots are nice to see when there is so much snow around but I would rather have current shots from somewhere warm like … I don’t know … maybe Hawaii. 🙂


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