The End of September #004

I took a large number of photographs on September 29 and 30, especially the 30th. Also I had quite a variety of subjects. This has allowed me to milk delve into the photos and create four separate blog post (so far) from those two days.

I’ve had photos of small milkweed bugs in prior posts including Photo Walks … which has a photo of one of the bugs and Blackburn Park … which has photos of small milkweed bug nymphs.

I’ve always tried to make it clear that small milkweed bugs do not grow up to be large milkweed bugs; instead, large milkweed bugs grow up to be large milkweed bugs and the small large milkweed bugs grow up to be large milkweed bugs but the large small milkweed bugs do not grow up to be large milkweed bugs. Oh yes … there will be a test on this.

This photo is a cluster of large milkweed bug nymphs. I used the word cluster not being able to find the existence of a specific collective noun for a group of milkweed bugs.  (I did learn the collective noun for a group of nuns:  a superfluity of nuns.  I really love the English language.)  The bugs in the cluster look to be pretty mature. Based on appearance, the surest way to distinguish a large milkweed bug from a small milk weed bug is: the large milkweed bug has a horizontal black bar on his back while the small milkweed bug has an orange X on his back.


Oh, oh – another monarch butterfly photo. This one seems a little different with the light pastels background and I really like all the vertical lines.


I think this is a paper wasp. Check out the shadow of the flower petals on the leaf on the right.


This is the wasp viewed from behind. I only like this view because of how it shows neat shepherd’s crook antennae.


This is the same wasp viewed from above. He looks so different to me in this view. He almost looks as though he is carved out of wood.


Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.

Oh yeah. You can stop worrying. I was just kidding about that milkweed bug test.




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