Miscellaneous #002

These photos were taken in various places in my neighborhood on September 20, 22, and 24. Not shown are any of the numerous photos taken on September 24 of painted lady and monarch butterflies (except for one painted lady that is a little different). As stated in my last post, one can have too many butterfly photos.

One of my biggest problems (let’s limit it to photography) is the difficulty I have of getting rid of photographs that I don’t need. I probably have 50 or more photos of painted lady butterflies. The same goes for other categories such as bees. Also a have a lot of bad pictures that for some reason I just can’t delete. I should clarify, when I say bad pictures I don’t mean the “… tsk – tsk what are you doing with those …” kind. I mean bad in photo skills such as over/under exposed, focus off, subject moved, or just plain boring composition. Why do I keep them?! I guess I’m just a photo file hoarder.

Enough of that.  It’s time for some photos.


This is a locust borer.


This is the rear end of a locust borer.

This is the front end of a locust borer.


As its name suggests, you would not want locust borers if you have locust trees in your yard; especially if you like locust trees.


This is a wasp of some sort.


An interesting looking grasshopper. Apparently the leaves have reached their proper ripeness.


This could be a little kid hitching a ride on momma’s back, but among the male and the female of some species of reptiles and insects, the male is the smaller of the two. I don’t know the situation here, I’m just putting that out there.


This is the painted lady butterfly that I said was a little different. Hopefully my identification is correct and it’s not a little different because it is different, i. e., not a painted lady.


I’m pretty sure this is a buckeye butterfly. If not, it might be a painted lady but I pray that is not the case because you’d probably think I’m trying to sneak another paint lady into a post.


I generally don’t care for fly photos, even my own, because flies really gross me out. I kind of like this one though.


This should be a wordless Wednesday photo; something to just contemplate. See also A Story About a Friend if you’ve not already read that post.


Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.




5 thoughts on “Miscellaneous #002

    • Debra, thank you for your nice comments. I’m glad something made you laugh and that you told me. My hope is always that viewers see a photo or two that they like (and occasionally one they really like) and that the comments will sometimes at least make them smile.


  1. Hi David,
    I think your wasp is a thread-waisted wasp. The painted lady looks different because, alas, it is not a painted lady, but rather a member of family Lycaenidae, the Blues (of Nabokov fame), Coppers, Hairstreaks, and Harvesters. Nothing against the painted ladies, but I’m rather partial to the Lycaenids, myself. The good news is your Buckeye is a Buckeye! 🙂


    • Michael, thank you very much for the identifications/corrections, they are appreciated. I knew the painted lady ID was a little iffy. Fortunately you kept me from disseminating too much misinformation.

      If anyone wants to see some fantastic insect photos click on Michael’s name above and it will take you to his site which is: bugphoto.net.


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