Color and Warmth

My photo taking started to slow down considerably in October. In the prior three months I took hundreds of photos and probably 99% were macro shots. By mid October things were changing. The flowers had pretty much disappeared and so had the insects, at least the ones seeking pollen; their predators had pretty much disappeared also. I still walked to Blackburn Park when the weather allowed but now I began using my 105mm macro as a telephoto. I really should have switched to my 24-85mm zoom but I was afraid I might miss a good macro opportunity. I didn’t.

On my last trip to the park I found very little to photograph but that didn’t stop me from taking pictures. I love to take pictures and if I have a camera in my hand that is what I’m going to do, even if I know I be deleting them after transferring them to the PC.

Winter and being stuck indoors is going to be hard. After several years of going through the winter photo doldrums I don’t know if I can take another picture of a Christmas tree, or close-ups of Christmas packages, or tree ornaments with ever so clever compositions. And don’t even get me started on how many different ways one can arrange and photograph a table top manger scene. (Okay, my bad, this is a  big digression.)

Back to my last trip to Blackburn. When I started out it was about 40 degrees Fahrenheit and the sun was shining. I was only half way to the park when the sun became cloud covered and a breeze set in which brought a distinct chill to the air. I’m not going to say you can’t take pictures on a cloudy day. In fact, it can be helpful when photographing white or brightly colored flowers as it is easier to avoid blowing the highlights. Still, I prefer sunny days. The sun brings out color and warmth and I’m all about color and warmth, especially warmth.

So I was sulking around the park on a cold, cloudless, colorless, and warmthless1 day with nothing to photograph. I quickly walked around to all my normal spots and saw nothing; nothing for macro and nothing for telephoto, so I decided to leave. I hoped I would find something on the cold walk home.

All I got was a cold walk home and this thing staring down at me from a tree. No warmth in this.

Still 5 or 6 more months until color and warmth … aaarg!


Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.


1 Feel free to use warmthless in your writing, no attribution required.


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