Well, That Was Embarrassing

In my last post I had a dragonfly doing six-legged handstands at the Missouri Botanical Garden. Just before photographing them I noticed a couple of large dragonflies skitting about as though they were trying to mate. They landed on some vegetation a little too far out in the reflecting pool for me to safely get a good picture so I concentrated on the dragonfly doing the handstand.

Just as I finished my third or fourth picture of the dragonfly I heard a splash and commotion in the water in front and to the right of me. It was the two dragonflies I had spotted earlier and it appeared they had fallen in the water while mating.


Presumably that is the female floating on her back on top of the water with the male behind her.


This shot reminds me of my Red Cross Water Safety Instructor days teaching lifesaving. As quickly as possible get the victim on their back, and their face out of the water, and calm them down.  Instead of following these steps both of them were making a big commotion in the water with lots of wing flapping and splashing trying to upright themselves. It really was surprising the amount of noise these two insects were making.


Here you can see both have almost worked themselves upright and dare ready to get out of the water. Before I could take another picture they were gone. Neither one had the courtesy to stay and fill out the accident report. Rude, or just embarrassed?


Random Bonus Photo:

Impressive – looks as though this Monarch has sucked the color out of the blossoms below her.


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