Bucket List

At the beginning of September I went to the Missouri Botanical Garden to see if I could get some good close-up photos of dragonflies.

This first shot wasn’t a close-up and I already have several similar to this, but what the heck color of red is this?


These next two are more like the close-ups I wanted.

I don’t mean to be picayune, but can you really call this a handstand if six legs are being used?



Below are a couple of random shots from the day before the dragonfly photos were taken.


“I’m not touching it … you touch it.”


I don’t know what this is. Maybe an organic cage for teeny, tiny birds?


Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.


You can view my gallery at: http://dpbstl.weebly.com/

Note to self: Cross off #14 and #15 on bucket list.  You used the word picayune in a sentence (#14) and in writing (#15).  The bucket list for English majors probably differs a bit from most others’.


3 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. Those dragon shots are very good. Looks like a blue dasher, Pachydiplax longipennis. That handstand is known as the “obelisk” posture or position in case you were curious. Also, that fuzzy thing *might* be a slug caterpillar, which can have urticating hairs that cause allergic reactions in people; of course it also just might be plant fuzz!


  2. Thanks Michael, I really appreciate all the additional information. It never occurred to me that the fuzz might be a caterpillar. If I see one again I’ll give it a gentle nudge with a leaf to see if it moves.


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