Random Acts of Photography #001

These photos were all taken during the first week of September at Blackburn Park, or on the walk home.

I have no idea what the name is for the blue flowers in the two photos below, but I like them. I think I’ll call them likable blues. Or … I could write a blues song based on Dale Carnegie’s book How To Win Friends and Influence People.  I’ll call the song The Likable Blues. I probably ought to copyright that title while I’m still thinking of it.



This is the first time I’ve seen budding flowers ringed with rhinestones. I know they are rhinestones because if they were diamonds they would have been stolen before I could have taken the picture.  Actually I’m kind of surprised the rhinestones hadn’t been plucked out.  I really have no idea of what we are looking at here.  Maybe blinged out miniature artichokes.


I love the subtle color of these seeds and the dark background. I’m pretty sure the seeds are for an ornamental grass. (San Francisco)


I originally called the insect below a grasshopper. On another blog I saw a very similar looking insect (it was all dark grey/black) and it was identified as a cricket. So, I put some more coal in the Google machine’s boiler, cranked it up to about 600 psi, and took it out on the information highway for some research. It seems an easy way to distinguish crickets from grasshoppers is by their antennae. For crickets the antennae are long and for grasshoppers they are short. And that my friends is, as they say, the long and the short of it.

I have mentioned before that I am in awe of how some insects are so perfectly, naturally camouflaged for their environment.  This cricket is another example of that.  Look at the cricket’s coloring and the coloring of the seeds next to him and those in the prior photo. It’s really amazing to me.  Of course I can be pretty easily amazed.  After all these years my mind is still bent by the magic of the Polaroid 60 second photo.


I thought I’d end today’s post with a pop of red. Maybe it’s more of an explosion. A blooming hibiscus flower offers an excellent opportunity to practice controlling your depth of field.  I shot this with my Sigma 105mm macro at f/11; appears I need a little more practice.


Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.


You can view my gallery at: http://dpbstl.weebly.com/


2 thoughts on “Random Acts of Photography #001

  1. Likable Blues. I love blue flowers so much I am devoting a section of my garden to the colour next year. I would have just assumed that was a grasshopper so thanks for the info. I wonder if the grass is Chasmanthium latifolium? It is a wild native oat used in lots of gardens across the country.


    • I looked up the name you provided for the grass and it sounds and looks like what I have round here, and I learned a little something about it, thanks. Good luck with the blue section of your garden. I once wanted to have a red, white, and blue section but the closest I got was setting out a bunch of pre-planted hanging baskets (took off the hangers) with red, white, and blue petunias.


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