These are photos taken at various places during the last few days of August.

As I was moving around a flowering bush looking for something interesting I noticed two yellow jackets land on a sign next to me and crawl into the space between the top and bottom portion of the sign. Almost as quickly as they went in they came out but I was ready with my camera. I snapped a picture just before they took off. Whatever they were looking for it appeared they didn’t find it. After looking at the photo I got to wondering if the honeycomb design on the signs threw them off and they thought they were landing on a nest.


I’ve no idea what kind of butterfly this is, other than a white one, but it looks kind of aggressive.  Is there such a thing as an aggressive butterfly?


This bumblebee’s left wing is getting a bit tattered. I’ve seen a lot worse damage on other bees, including honey bees, and on butterflies. I wonder how much of a wing can be missing before it has a negative impact on their ability to fly.


I think the next two photos are of a yellow swallowtail.  To me these two photos, especially the first, make the butterfly look kind of elegant.



Okay, after Nicole Kidman, who married Tom Cruz?


Sometimes I’m just in awe of how well insects are “built” to look exactly like their environment.  If these environmental disguises were to be applied to people I’d like to look like a red and white ’57 Chevy.  Actually I’d probably be thankful for just about anything other than a tree trunk or a fire hydrant.


Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.


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2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous

  1. Great photos (as always) =) I’ve seen some pretty beat up insects and wondered how they manage to go about their business and survive.


  2. Thank you. I’ve seen some bees a lot worse than this and I’ve always wondered at what point are they no longer able to fly, especially since I’ve always heard that, based on the laws of aerodynamics, they can’t fly.


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