Last of the August Missouri Botanical Garden Photos

Like the title says, this is the last of them from August. I will be coming back with photos from some later sessions there.

The first five photos are of what I’ve been calling the plastic flowers. I’m not positive but I think I’ve identified them as yellow star dahlias. The problem with this identification is that when searching yellow star dahlia in Google images about a half dozen completely different looking flowers show up (including some from the U.K.) as well as flowers looking similar to my photos.

Note that I’ve finally have a full bloom, head on shot. I mentioned before that head on the petals don’t look nearly as plastic as when viewing the flower from the back or just the buds.

These were once my favorite flowers because of their plastic texture look. But with all the research I’ve done on them they are starting to bore me. I think I’ll stop worrying about the horticultural details and just enjoy their unique look when photographed.






WARNING:  clever title alert.

Water Drops on a Thick Blade of Grass    (hmmm San Francisco)


Like the plastic flowers I have no idea what this is and, like the plastic flowers, I like its details and textures.


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