More from the Missouri Botanical Garden

Here are some more photos from my August 23, 2014 trip to the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Okay, I know we shouldn’t apply anthropomorphic characteristics to bugs and animals but really, doesn’t this guy look angry about something. Maybe it’s that fact that he has a 105mm lens in his face.


Is he wearing a lucha libre mask?


“Really, would it have killed you to shave before getting your picture taken?  I mean you saw me messing around the bumblebees and ‘plastic flowers’ for 45 minutes, you certainly had the time.”


I’m not very good at identifying butterflies but I think this is an eastern tiger swallowtail.


Grass #1.  Here I go with those clever photo titles again.


Grass #2. I spent a year in San Francisco in 1969. I can’t say, read, or type the word grass without thinking of that time.



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2 thoughts on “More from the Missouri Botanical Garden

  1. I think people should identify more with nature rather than less. If we didn’t create that arbitrary divide maybe we would care more. =) Great photos as always!


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