Photo Walk – August 20 and Missouri Botanical Garden August 22, 2014

The first four photos were taken at Blackburn Park.

Bumblebee buried in his work.  Due to the angle and bits of flower pieces it looks as though he has a nice arrow head on the end of his proboscis.


Lamb’s ear. I don’t pretend to know that much about lambs, but I think one on the left is a right ear and the rest are all lefties.


“Follow me men and watch out for that pile of … , aaaw $#!+, too late.”


A painted lady butterfly sipping nectar.  In this time of stifling political correctness, the name seems so judgmental.  Painted ladies were very common in my area this summer  (yes I’m still talking about butterflies) but not nearly as common and numerous as skippers. I’ll devote a separate post to skippers sometime fairly soon.


The remaining photos in this post were taken at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, Missouri.

This is a view in the Japanese garden within the Missouri Botanical Garden.  I took four shots of this as the ducks were coming in on the right.  The fourth was the best as it had one duck in the water and the others in various stages of landing.  This is the first shot.  I accidentally deleted the other three as I was viewing which pictures to save for transferring to my PC.  Kind of a “the one that got away” story.  This picture was taken with the Sigma 105mm macro so you can see the lens can do more than just close ups.


The flower bud in this and the next photo were shot in the Victorian garden.  To me they look like they are plastic or glass.  In real life the buds and the back of the flowers in bloom look like plastic flowers but the face of the blooms look pretty normal.  I don’t know what type of flower they are; I always forget to look them up when I go back.


This almost looks as though it could be a very artistic faucet for the kitchen sink.


I’ve often wondered if I called this a daisy would it would still smell as sweet?


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