Winter’s Coming

Last Friday was the first time in 7 – 10 days that I was able to go out and take pictures.  Bad weather and just stuff to do pretty much kept me from picking up my camera.  Friday was a bright sunny day but cool.  I decided to drive to my go to spot for flower and bug photography:  the Missouri Botanical Garden.  If you can’t find something to photograph somewhere on their 75 acres then you have a problem.  I had a minor problem.

A lot of the flowers/plants have been taken out for the season.  Not only where there fewer flower photo opportunities but that meant there were also fewer bug photo ops.

So the minor problem at the botanical garden with fewer plants and flowers and therefore fewer bugs and the fact that flowers are dying off in the parks and yards I visit means my photo inventory is dwindling.  Photos are being shared faster than I can replace them.  I just started this blog in May so I’m not sure how to handle the severely reduced opportunities for outdoor photography in the coming months.  I’ve never been through a photo blog winter before.  I doubt that you want to see snapshots of the in-laws and cousins at our Thanksgiving table.

I might have to start rationing my photos.  Maybe some blog posts with no photos at all.  How can I have a photo blog with no photos, just text?  Do I start a “Wordy Wednesday” theme for photo bloggers with no photos?

Maybe I could do something similar to what’s shown below.  This could be what the photos for Monday would look like and I would post the other halves on Thursday.  Oh it’s going to be a long cold winter.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.


You can view my gallery at:

P. S.  If you live in the US Sunbelt or any other similar geographic location, I don’t want to hear about it.  Winter sucks, I don’t like it, and I don’t want to hear about how lovely it is during the winter where you are.  Thank you.




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