Photo Walk – August 11 and 13, 2014

Similar to my last post, the photos below were taken on a Blackburn Park walk. However, I don’t think any were taken in the park; instead they were taken in yards along the route home.

I’m not sure what type of flower this.  It was on a very tall plant, six feet plus, with multiple blooms.  I think it is some sort of sunflower.

Just inchin’ along on a daisy.


Snug as a bug on a daisy.


As far as flowers go I don’t particularly care for begonias. They’re okay but for me they just don’t seem to stand out from the rest. I kind of think of them as backup singers. They can play a very useful role in the background of a garden or potted arrangements, but I’m not buying the ticket to see them. However, when they are just starting to bud or bloom I think they can be just as good as the headliner and offer some good photo opportunities. I tried to take advantage of that in the three photos below.


I think this is a lavender plant.


I’ll have more from my August 13th walk in my next post.

Thank you for stopping by and viewing my photos and reading my blog.


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3 thoughts on “Photo Walk – August 11 and 13, 2014

  1. Great photos. The inchworm is charming and the autumn colours in the bug picture all play so nicely. We have a tall wild sunflower blooming around here. The Helianthus maximiliani but I am not sure if it is the kind that people typically grow in gardens.


  2. Thank you for viewing and for your nice comments. I did a Google image search on Helianthus maximiliani and the common name (according to Wikipedia) Maximilian sunflower. Not poitive they are the same but they do look very similar.


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