Keep It Simple Stupid. I’ve always thought that this was a pretty good approach to things in life. Obviously you can’t keep it simple stupid 100% of the time, but when you can, to me, it just makes sense to do so.

One thing I never understood was why the insult at the end of the phrase. Why tell someone to keep it simple and then call them stupid. I looked the phrase up and Wikipedia stated that the guy who came up with the phrase was an aircraft engineer who was trying to keep designs as simple as possible. According to Wikipedia the engineer referred to the phrase as “keep it simple stupid” and not “keep it simple, stupid”. So no insult was intended. Use of the word “stupid” was just an iteration of “simple” emphasizing how simple.

The Nikon engineers did not design the D7100 with the KISS principal in mind. Basically what they did was put as many knobs, dials, and buttons with as many functions as they could on a consumer DSLR in hopes that they had enough features that would make people want to by a Nikon instead of a Canon, Sony, Pentax, or any other brand. At least that’s the way the complicated D7100 design seems to me.

Despite the complexity, I do love my D7100 and below are photos taken with it. In terms of composition, I am practicing KISS. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Sigma 105mm Macro

Sigma 105mm Macro

Sigma 105mm Macro

Nikkor 24-85mm

Just so you won’t think everything has to be vertical:

Nikkor 24-85mm



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