Robins – Leaving the Nest

Robins – Leaving the Nest (Part 3 of 3)
In my first robin post I introduced the parents of the robin family that spent most of May in the protection of my partially covered patio. The second post introduced the babies and this third and final final post is about leaving the nest.

I’m kind of amazed that after just 10 to 14 days the babies all of a sudden decide to get up and fly away. They haven’t practiced and mom’s not there pushing them out. However down on the ground about 20 feet away mom or dad, or maybe both I was concentrating on the nest, were waiting for them to take off.

The first four photos below cover the first chick to leave the nest and the last two photos are of the last chick to leave.

Friday, May 30: Today is a big day for one of these chicks; time to leave the nest.

The chick standing up and looking me over was the largest of the four and the first to leave the nest.

Here he is just a second or two before take off.

His first flight was probably less than five seconds. He flew down about 15 feet and, ironically landed on another bird, an ornamental crane on a low brick wall surrounding the patio.

Below is the last robin to leave the nest.

Saturday, May 31: This was the last chick to leave the nest. Here he appears to be contemplating what something inside him is telling him to do.

This is just a few seconds before take off. Note that he now has his legs in position to push off.


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