Robins – The Babies

Robins – The Babies (Part 2 of 3)
In my last post I introduced the parents of the Robin family that spent most of May in the protection of my partially covered patio.

The first two photos were taken May 23 and the last three were taken May 27. Comparing the second photo and the last, four days made a big difference in the babies’ development.

Below are the babies.

Even though Papa Robin is out of focus I’ve included this photo because it was the only time I saw Mom and Dad together and the only time I saw the whole family together.

The chicks are probably about one week old here. There are four babies but only three showing themselves in this photo. Note how the one on the right appears to be able to sleep through anything.

This is pretty much how they looked for several days, just a head or two sticking up waiting for food.

Mama Robin checks me out as I once again invade her space.

My next post on the Robins will finish this three part series with photos of the babies the day the leave the nest.


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