Robins – The Parents

Robins – The Parents (Part 1 of 3)
Last spring a robin built a nest in a covered section of our patio and raised three chicks. The nest stayed there all through the winter and early spring but we noticed it had been knocked down in April. A few days later there was a new nest with a robin sitting in it. I managed to get pictures from when the babies were just a couple of days old until they left the nest. This is the first of a three part series showing photos of their stay during that time.

In this first part I’ll introduce you to the parents, in the second part I’ll have pictures of the babies when they were just a few days old, and the last part will be at the time they left the nest.

First here are three pictures of Papa Robin.

Papa Robin heading to the babies.

Papa Robin looking around before he flies up to the nest about 15 feet away.

Papa Robin with more food.

Next are three pictures of Mama Robin.

Mama Robin – This was the first and only time I saw her like this; not sure what she was squawking about.

All three of these Mama Robin photos were taken a week or more after the chicks hatched so she is looking thin compared to other pictures you’ll see of her with her babies.

Mama Robin in the wind.

I have three picture of Mama Robin taken over a 5-10 second period when a wind was coming up. During this time she gradually bent down, spread out her right wing and opened it up spreading the feathers. This is the third of the three photos. No sure what she was doing; maybe stabilizing herself against the wind to keep from getting blown down.

The baby robins will be featured in my next post.


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