St. Louis Zoo – March 2014

The last day of March was one of the rare nice weekend days we had this spring. We took advantage of it by going to the zoo.

I think zoo pictures are hard because usually they are not really that interesting; just a picture of an animal on the other side of the fence.  I took about 50 pictures and only saved about a half dozen.  Hopefully I’ve captured something a little more interesting than the usual zoo picture


Above is the greeting committee.


Some of the interest with this picture is lost with the low resolution.  The acuity or sharpness that the D7100 can capture really brings out the detail in the symmetrical patterns on these two rear ends.


This picture may be a little more interesting than what I had intended when I first started to compose it.  The lion was walking toward me but stopped, turned sideways, and started to squat.  I did get  head on shot later but I think this pose is more interesting.


Comments are always welcome.

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